…And Fear of Blogging’s last comic convention of 2015 was Project Comic-con, in St. Louis, Missouri last October. Goddess bless’em, their theme was Women Creators in Comics, and we filled two big rooms with us. What a far cry from the bad old days when I was the only woman guest at some all-guy, all-mainstream superhero con! My table was right opposite Spike Trotman, while to my left sat Rori (“Tiny Pink Robots”), to my right sat comics editor Nicole Boose, and right behind me sat June Brigman of Powerpack fame, and the last woman to draw Brenda Starr.
Meanwhile in the other room sat Sho Murase, brilliant artist on the Nency Drew series and much more. I knew her work from Nancy Drew, since you won’t be surprised to learn I’ve been a Nancy Drew fan all my life. I’d been told that Sho would be on the same
flight as I, coming to St. Louis, so, having no idea what she looked like. I knew nothing about Sho, but judging by her name, it ddn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out she must be Japanese, so I scrutinized all the Asian passengers. And there she was — it had to be Sho! – tall, beautiful, and very chic. I approached her on the plane: “Scuse me, would you be Sho Murase?” and she was all, “Why yes, how did you know?” Turns out Sho and I are practically neighbors in San Francisco, and we met for lunch after the con, and I’m
delighted that I can now call her my friend. me n sho 2
Also in that room were the My Little Pony artists, Jenn Blake and Alex de Campi. Jenn very kindly did a My Little Pony drawing for my granddaughter, which is now framed and up on her wall. Nicole Boose and the Pony girls and I got together for breakfast, (That’s Nicole Boose to my right, and the Pony girls to my left) and I learned that there are Ponycons, and tons of adult Pony fans, and even Pony fanfic. me, nicole boose, the little pony girls 2.jpg
Who knew?
Me, I shoulda knew, that’s who. Last month, when Sensation Comics, with my 30 page Wonder Woman story (Yay!) came out, I popped into Isotope comics, where James, the owner, had kindly set up a table for me in case anybody wanted their comic signed, and as
I sat there a car pulled up, double parked, and two young girls ran out into the store to pick up their copies of the newest My Little Pony. Yes, girls are reading comics again, thanks to My little Pony, and the industry will never be the same. Fear of Blogging sez brava for that!
Fear of Blogging was at the opening of Star Wars; the Force Awakens, of course. And here are Steve and I, with our Wookie pal, and look! Steve is taller than the Wookie! Fear of Blogging sez two thumbs up, and if I had 2 more hands it would be four thumbs up. 12 17 15 Star Wars- the Force Awakens.jpg
When we left the last Fear of Blogging, I had adopted Chester, a gorgeous if traumatized Persian cat, to replace the irreplaceable Winston, who will remain in my heart forever. (That’s Chester in a box)Chester DC Box 2015-12-21 19.50.18

However, here I was, desperate to grab a cat and pet it to within an inch of its life, but
poor Chester, who must have had a terrible time on the streets, being bullied by the feral cats, will still only rarely let us pet him. So the only solution was to get ANOTHER cat!
Mission accomplished with our first trip to the SPCA, and now we have 11 month old Charlie, friendly, well-adjusted, and unstoppable. Obviously, I was not gonna return Chester, as that would further traumatize the poor lil guy, so we are keeping him as an objet d’art, which he is, and hoping that Charlie, who doesn’t understand the meaning of No, will help socialize him.
So for a brief time we had 3 cats, but our other cat, 14 year old Daisy, had been going into a slow decline. We brought her into the vet’s earlier this month, where the vet prescribed antibiotics. But the antibiotics didn’t work, and last week I found her on the kitchen
floor, unable to move her rear legs and meowing pitiously. We brought her back to the vet, to find that everything was wrong with her, and opted against heroic measures, which is the decision I would want for myself in such a situation. Sweet Daisy has joined her old pal Winston on the Great Cushion in the Sky, and we are once again reduced to a mere two cats. Here is Daisy in her halcyon days, never forgotten.

Daisey 12 12 13 FB
Next year: two more books, maybe three, maybe four! But meanwhile, here is Charlie, AKA Charles T. Kittensworth (The T stands for Trouble) wishing you a warm, cozy, peaceful and productive 2016. 2016  All the Best Trina n Steve.jpg


2 responses to “FEAR OF BLOGGING’S LAST BLOG OF 2015!

  1. Trina I love reading your adventures and always hear your distinct voice in my head when reading! Have a happy, happy new year!

  2. Thanks, Karyl, and hopefully see you in July?

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