Once again I psyche myself up to put up a blog! This time I’ll start with March 8th at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, where we had a panel for Will Eisner Week. I was delighted to be on a panel with Mario Hernandez, Steve Leialoha, and Gerry Jones, talking about Will Eisner, the greatest storyteller in comics. Where today’s superhero comics consist mostly of fight scenes and no plot, Eisner managed to tell an entire story, and tell it beautifully, in 7 pages every week. If you’ve never been to the Cartoon Art Museum, make it a priority on your next visit to San Francisco. They have good panels and great shows! Here we are, with a nice young man, whose name, goddess forgive me, I have lost. But Nice Young Man, thank you for the great photo! Left to right, Mario Hernandez, short moi, Gerry Jones, Mister Nice Young Man, and Steve. image2

Two days later, on March 19th, I departed for five days in Monterrey, Mexico, and an amazing convention. Here’s a link, so you can see what you missed:
The convention was held in a huge convention center called Cintermex, in the middle of a lovely park, Fundidora, which has a river and boats you can sail in down the river to a great Mexican historical museum. The food was delicious! And here are us gringo guests, enjoying some of that food with the lovely Nuria, our hostess during the convention, and a very good cartoonist. Clockwise starting from lower left, that’s Kurt, an animator from Canada, the lovely Nuria, the also lovely and immensely talented Jill Thompson, editor Jim Salicrup, and yours truly. dinner
There were so many talented young women at the convention, and most of them draw in manga/anime style, which at this point I think is a universal style. Here are some of them: In the first photo that’s me with Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre. eva cabrera claudia aguirre

Next, yours truly again with Melody Flores.  Melody Flores

And here’s our brilliant translator, Itziar Cardona, helping Jill and me at out panel. Itziar speaks English excellently, and made me, with my pathetic San Francisco Mission District Spanish, shamefully embarrassed.itziar cardona jill thompson

And finally, Jill and me with Sophie Garcie Bulle, who also speaks excellent English and regaled me with Mexican history of which I was shamefully unaware. Thank you for the links and the YouTube video of La Adelita, Sophie, and note to self: learn Spanish! BTW, that’s my one souvenir that I’m wearing: a Frida Kahlo tee shirt, the only one in San Francisco. me, Jill, Sophia Garcie Bulle

Winston, the most wonderful cat in the entire universe, has left us for the Great Cushion in the Sky. Two years ago, at thirteen, the little guy was diagnosed with kidney failure, and we had to hydrate him, at first twice a week, and later three times a week. In the beginning and for at least a year and a half, Winston held his own, but finally in January he started slowly going downhill. By the time I left for Mexico, he was going downhill pretty fast, and I worried that he might not be there when I got back, but the dear little guy waited for me! I returned at about 7:30 Monday night, and he died a little after midnight. Winston received and gave nothing but love during his whole life. People would take one look at him and laugh. I learned that a living creature can be both funny and beautiful,
because Winston was both. And he never knew how adorable he was — he just was! There will never be another like him. Cat! It's what's for Dinner! 2


7 responses to “FEAR OF BLOGGING LOVES WILL EISNER — and more.

  1. SO sorry to hear about Winston. You know I know how you’re feeling! 😦 I always try and tell myself anything into double figures for our dogs and cats
    is a bonus from the side of Good and Right, and try and live with that! Its ally just the way of the world isn’t it?

    • Oh Mike, it’s so good to hear from you, and thank you for your commiseration. I recall that you had some wonderful dogs, and probably still have some wonderful dogs. I guess what we learn from our beloved animal friends is to love them while we have them.

  2. Sorry to read about Winston leaving us. I recall meeting him.

    • Thank you, Marty! After a suitable period of mourning, I’ll go cat hunting again. Casey sent me a link to a Persian cat rescue site, but none of them were Winston!

  3. art@maureenburdock.com

    Aww Trina, I loved reading your blog. And I am deeply sorry to hear about the passing of your sweet Winston.

    Love to you and Steve and see you soon, Maureen

  4. Hello Trina – your amazing work continues. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

    I was in the Indy comics scene in the late ’90’s and a bit beyond. I hung out with Jessie and his dad here in PDX at the Bowens’ a way back. We had a great chat and connection that was not at all comic related. Social issues and some esoteric stuff. Would appreciate if you have the ability and time to pass my contact info along. Again, respect and appreciation.

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