Fear of Blogging Makes MS Magazine!

Hey, MS Magazine online has reprinted Lisa Hix’s great interview and article about me,
from Collector’s Weekly:
I can’t believe I finally got into MS! Back in the 70s, MS refused to carry ads for Wimmen’s Comix.

Surprise! Lily Renee Comes to Comic Con!
Return with me now to those thrilling days of July, 2014. I was all set to fly to the San Diego comic con on Thursday, July 24th, when on Tuesday, the 22nd, I got an email from Rick Phillips, the son of Golden Age cartoonist Lily Renee: Lily was visiting him in San Diego, and she’d like to come to the con; can she get in free? I’m like, duh, she’s the great Lily Renee, of course she can! But just to make sure, I emailed Jackie Estrada who was like, duh, she’s the great Lily Renee, of course she can! Then after some fancy back and forth emailing with beautiful Jen Vaughn of Fantagraphics, we had a day and time for Lily to sit with me at the Fantagraphics booth and sign copies of Pretty in Ink. And THEN I put the announcement up on Facebook so everybody would know Lily was coming!
Friday in the convention center an eager line of fans who knew their Golden Age comics awaited Lily, who is elegant and intelligent, and proof that, no matter how old you are, when you’re beautiful you stay beautiful. We sat next to Don Rosa, the best Duck Artist in the world (I believe he channels Carl Barks) and an awfully nice guy, who, purely by coincidence, had that very day bought a Fiction House comic book with a Lily Renee cover. And he had no idea she was going to make an appearance! (And here I am with Don) Trina and Don Rosa smaller Does he have the cutest smile, or what? Just what you’d expect from a duck man.
Mary Fleener, the best cubist artist except for a bunch of dead guys, showed up and here’s a photo of the three of us. Trina, Lily, Mary Fleener smaller
After the signing, we headed for Steve’s table, which he shares with Scott Shaw! and Sergio Aragones. Scott and Sergio had no idea Lily would be there and their minds were totally blown! Sergio, continental guy that he is, actually got down on one knee and kissed Lily’s hand! I said to them: You guys owe me one. Here we all are: Trina Lily Sergio Scott

So there we were on vacation in Hawaii, having a lovely time. Then, 3 days before we were slated to fly back, on a Tuesday night I started feeling pain in my right side, decided to sleep on it and hoped it would be gone by morning, which of course it was not. Steve and I went to the Waikiki Urgent Care Clinic where the doc told me “You have appendicitis.” We taxied to Queen’s hospital in Honolulu, where they admitted me and performed a speedy appendectomy. I had to stay overnight but they took great care of me, brought me breakfast (that I couldn’t eat), then later lunch (That I also couldn’t eat) before discharging me Thursday evening, in no condition to travel yet. (our return flight was Friday morning!) Our only problem was changing our flight to Saturday. The airline
representative we spoke to over the phone had the compassion of a clam. Didn’t anyone ever teach her to say, even if you don’t care, “I’m so sorry this had to happen to spoil your vacation, and I hope you recover quickly?”
I am all better and tapping again. If you ever need a hospital on Oahu, Queen’s Hospital comes highly recommended. Steve sez the only thing left is next time we go to Molokai and I get leprosy.

APE is this weekend, October 4th and 5th, at Fort Mason in San Francisco, and I’ll be there on the 4th. Find me at the Fantagraphics booth!
Next: From October 24th through the 26th, I’ll be in Victoria, British Columbia, at the MOST AMAZING COLLECTIBLE SHOW (that’s what it’s called!). Here’s some
information: http://www.vimacs.ca/dealerinformatio.html
and: http://www..vimacs.ca/guestandevents.html
Come by, find me, say hello!


2 responses to “Fear of Blogging Makes MS Magazine!

  1. jeff evans newmarket ontario

    Dear Trina,

    Hello, from the mists of time…

    Jeff Evans from Canada typing this, the technology journalism nerd who did a bit of digging for you concerning E.U. women’s shelters, for your Wonder Woman DC comic many years ago.

    Was just wondering how you are, and googled your blog…

    …We met briefly back in the 90s when I was in S.F. at a computer conference, and I looked up your number and asked to meet with you, and we had lunch at a café and conversation (and much playing with Ms Wuff) at your place.

    I’ve always treasured experiencing your hospitality, kindness and fierce wit. Much has happened since then, kids and grandkids, and a very weird 9/11 experience…

    I did a two year stint with TVontario, our provincial educational network, on a series called Prisoners of Gravity… some vids of me on YouTube, especially the Information episode, which won some awards…

    Anyway, all the best.

    Jeff Evans
    Newmarket, ON Canada

    • Hi Jeff! Good to hear from you! Alas, Ms Wuff has gone to the Great Cushion in the Sky, but lives on forever as my email address. My current cat, Winston, looks very like her but is a pale orange and is named because he also resembles Winston Churchill. Glad to know you’re following my wretched and very irregular blog!

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