Dear friends, because Word Press is so weird that the only way I can include pictures with my text is to put the pictures up and include the text as captions (and there’s no human being to contact for help!), in my attempt to put up my pics, I have put my blog up BACKWARDS!  That’s why it starts with “And finally…” which is where it should end, and ends with Victoria, which is where it should begin. Verily do I call it “Fear of Blogging!”  Try reading it from bottom to top.


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  1. I have the same problem with my webcomic on WordPress 😛

    Just discovered you in “Masters of the Comic Book Universe Revealed” by Arie Kaplan. THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for women comic book artists! Your work is fantastic and you’ve certainly paved the way for me today, I can’t express my appreciation enough

    • Thanks for your kind words, K. Tell me, what did you do about your (our) problems with WordPress? I’m about to just change to a different blog server — WordPress is terrible, and you can’t reach a human being to help solve the problem!

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