What I did:
Last December I went to the International Women’s History Museum for a screening of
Kristy Guevara-Flannigen’s documentary, Wonder Women! The Untold Story of
American Superheroines.” Yes, it’s about Wonder Woman, but it’s also about the
depiction of women heroes in the media and pop culture, and the empowering of real life
women. And I have the honor of being one of the people in the movie, alongside Lynda
Carter and Gloria Steinem!
Among the many attendees (It was a full house!) was a great group of teenage girls who
belong to a truly empowering club called Girls Inc., and here I am with them, all taller
than me and all superheroine material.
What I’m Doing:
And in less than a week, I’ll be seeing that film again, and discussing it afterwards, in
Victoria, British Columbia, at the Victoria Film Festival. The date is February 6th, at 7
p.m.,and the place is the Vic theater. Here’s a link to the festival website:
And here’s a link to the film website so you can read all about it, and even see a trailer:
Earlier that day you can find me signing books at :
633 Johnson Street
Victoria BC V8W 1M7
(250) 388 – 3696
And less than a week after that, I’ll be a speaker at the San Francisco Writers Conference,
on February 15th, talking about research, which I have done tons of in the course of
writing my histories of women cartoonists and my hitory of the Golden Age of Chinese
nightclubs in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Forbidden City. Contrary to what they always
say, you don’t have to write about what you know all the time — that can get pretty
boring. But if you want to write about what you don’t know, you gotta research it, and I
know how!
The conference is at the Mark Hopkins hotel, on Mason and California streets, from
February 14th to the 17th, and here’s a link:
I’m off to Chicago, for Limmud Chicago, 2013. Limmud is a Jewish cultural organizatin
that describes itself thusly:
Limmud is an independent, pan-denominational, all-volunteer organization dedicated to
the creation of engaging opportunities to experience and celebrate Jewish learning and
I couldn’t have said it better! I’ll be giving a talk on Lily Renee, subject of my graphic
novel, “Lily Renee, Escape Artist,” and also teaching a workshop for tweens and teens
on writing comics and graphic novels. The date is February 16th (evening) and February
17th, all day, and the website is:
SOOOO…If you’re in Victoria, San Francisco, or Chicago this month, come on by and
say hello.
Because my latest Chicagoland graphic novel, #5 in the series, “The Bark in Space” is
now out, and I hold a copy in my hands. Tyler Page, the illustrator, has outdone himself,
and the book looks better than ever! I’ll be signing copies in Victoria.
And in March: Florida and Swizerland! But I’ll tell you all about that later…



  1. It was nice meeting you and getting the massive Miss Fury book today Trina! I’ll definitely grab the film on DVD if it ever reaches that stage. I caught a clip of it sown on the early news (small consolation, along with snippets of yourself in the Legends shop) and it reminds me of the surf film “Riding Giants” (which is one of my favorites), looks very informative and entertaining! Thanks for answering my cartooning questions; I will definitely look into if Syd Shores was that late ’40s Marvel artist I admired so much on Cindy Comics/Cindy Smith. Now I have to save up for that Alex Toth book they just had to show in the back of your Miss Fury tome. Hope you are having/will have had a good time in Victoria. :^)

  2. Rebecca, it was fabulous finally meeting you and putting a face to a name! The Cindy artist was Ken Bald!

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