Because part 1 of my next two-part Honey West comic is finally out, with two beautiful alternate covers and beautiful interior art by Silvestre Szilagyi, who draws in a very European style. First time any of my scripts have been illustrated in that style, and I love it! Look for part 2 soon…


5 responses to “FEAR OF BLOGGIN…

  1. Very Stylish! I will have to trek down to the comic shop, but I can’t imagine the alternate being better than this cover. I miss Anne Francis.

  2. Oops, of course that should’ve read Honey!

  3. Looks like a very classy book Trina. I wish the re-runs of Honey West didn’t air at 3:00am here (and Car 54 at 2:00am) because it’s only then when I miss having a Tivo recorder!

    Hey, I found some old film of SF online you might get a kick out of; it’s part of a lecture but there are lots of amazing street scenes and fashions from way back.

    Gosh, ‘Strip Aids’ was twenty four years ago, I remember it as a sad time that nonetheless brought out the best in some.

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