In one piece, and I’m here to tell the tale. Comic-con was more intense than ever, and the only thing that kept me in the convention center was all the great panels I was on and the signings I did. Otherwise, I’d have spent five days at the pool — except that our hotel didn’t have a pool! I did manage to spend Saturday at the San Diego zoo with television scriptwriter Karyll Miller — thank you, Karyll! — and that zoo is truly the best zoo in the country, and worth a trip to San Diego. Panels I was on the other days:

*The Womanthology panel, with a whole slew of wonderful women. Afterwards we did a signing at the IDW table, and on Sunday I personed the Womanthology table with Womanthology writer Ma’at Crook, and got to know her. With women like Ma’at, there’s no fear for the future of comics!

*The No Straight Lines panel. No Straight Lines is a great gay commics anthology and I’m honored to be included in it! Thank you, editor Justin Hall, for a book to be proud of!

* 40 year anniversary of the gay comics panel at Comic-con! This was a monumental production by Andy Mangels, with a cast of thousands — everyone who had drawn or contributed to gay comics, and/or been on a past gay comics panel, including vanilla het gal moi — what an honor to be included in this extravaganza! Here we are, all posing together after the event, and I’m pretty easy to find, standing next to the fabulous Wendy Pini, and also the shortest person on the stage.


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  1. I am so bummed that I missed this!

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