Fear of Bloggin…

Fear of Blogging Heads for San Diego!

It’s been so long, I bet you thought you’d never see another blog from me, huh? The truth is, I was so traumatized putting up that last blog that I just couldn’t bring myself to go through it all over again. But I have some good news to share, plus I’m gonna be all over the place at Comicon this year, so if you’re coming too, Let me tell you where I’ll be so you can come by and say hello:


2-3 PM, signing my Brinkley book at the Fantagraphics booth, #1718

4-5PM, Womanthology panel, Room 25AB

Comics Scholars Forum, 7:30, Room 28E


: 10-11AM, Womanthology signing at the IDW booth, #2643

Comic Art Conference panel 12-1:30 PM, I’ll be giving my Powerpoint presentation on Golden Age cartoonist Lily Renee.

No Straight Lines panel 2-3 PM, followed by another signing at the Fntagraphics table, 3:30-5:30, #1718


Gays in Comics:25th Year Celebration, Room 6A, followed by a Fan Mixer, same room, 7-8PM

And Sunday I’ll be sitting at the Womanthology table, BB-09, BB-10, from 11:30-1:30.

I just learned that Margaret Atwood will be at Comicon! Be still, my heart, she’s my favorite living writer, I adore her! If I get a chance to speak to her, will I gush and disgrace myself? If I actually see her on the floor of the convention center, dare I stop her to tell her how much I love her books, or is that just too fangirl? I’ll bring my camera!

The good news: my Lily Renee graphic novel received the Sydney Taylor Association of Jewish Libraries Award, but I can’t put up the image  because the furshluggener blog won’t upload it, and that, folks, is why I’m so traumatized!

More good news: after what felt like an eternity, Book #1 of my next Honey West 2-parter is out from Moonstone, with your choice of two gorgeous covers. (But I can’t show you those covers either; see above for the reason!) My artist, Silvestre Szilagyi, did an exquisite job delineating the fair Ms West, and he is a pleasure to work with. We are already at work on the next two-parter. I love Honey!

Maybe when next we meet, I will have worked things out so that I can put up pictures again, for what is a blog without pictures?  And now you understand why I call my blog :Fear of Blogging!”


4 responses to “Fear of Bloggin…

  1. Patricia Moodian

    Hello, Trina,
    Sending Love and Respect,
    From Patricia Moodian!

    Living a quiet life in the great southwest,
    playing music and riding my Harley Shovelhead!

    Huge Cyber-Hugs to you
    and to Casey, too!

    • Patti, so happy to hear from you! I sent you an email. If you don’t get it, please email me at
      So are you the Shovelhead who wanted to friend me on Facebook? Please resend the request because I didn;t know it was you and I clicked on “ignore” or whatever that is.

  2. Trina,
    It was a real pleasure to be on a panel with you. I eagerly await your Lily Renee collection!

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