is it that time again?

ImageYou can call me Cookie, because I’ve been a wafer too long! Not that there’s been much to report that’s blogworthy: not enough rain followed by too much rain, and my annual bout of bronchitis.

But news about women doing comics is currently very exciting! Anthologies by women cartoonists are in the air, and I’m honored to be included in two of them! The first, Womanthology, is already out. It’s an enormous book, over 320 pages of really good art and writing, and it was a major Kickstarter success, reaching its goal of $25,000 in less than a day, and finally finishing with over $100,000. We had our first panel with the finished book at Image Expo in February, and it felt so good to sit up there with so many beautiful and like-minded women! I managed to sit at the Womanthology table for at least an hour till the bronchitis kicked in and I totally lost my voice, but according to all reports, it was a good con, and hopefully there’ll be another next year.

I intend to last a whole lot longer at Big Wow Con (I know, it’s a ridiculous name!) in San Jose, on May 19th and 20th. If you’re in the neighborhgood, drop by, find my table, and say hello. Here’s their website:

The other anthology is called the Indie Ladies’ Comics Anthology, which is exactly what it is, and I’m in there with a story illustrated by Anne Timmons. Some of you may know that Anne and I have worked together a lot in the past, and I hope to continue to do so, because Anne is a terrific artist. The book will be out in April, and though it will be smaller than Womanthology, it promises to be just as exciting. Look at this gorgeous cover!Image

Speaking of women and comics, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and either create or read comics, there’s a new group just for you: Laydeez Do Comics. Two years ago, when I was in London, I was a guest at the British Laydeez Do Comics meeting and had a wonderful time. Now Sarah Lightman, and Nicola Streeten have graciously given their permission for us American laydeez to use that name. Here is the flyer that tells you all about it! The Laydeez will meet at the San Francisco Cartoon Art museum, (address) at 7PM on Tuesday, April 10th, and I’ll be presenting my talk and Powerpoint slideshow, “Here Are the Great Women Cartoonists.”

Men are welcome too!

Finally, in two days, on Saturday, March 31, I’ll be at the Anarchist Book Fair, in the Hall of Flowers at Golden Gate park. I’ll be speaking about the 1960s and early 1970s underground press on a panel with Terry Bisson, Judy Gumbo Alpert, and Billy X Jennings. It’s all about the book, “On the Ground,” edited by Sean Stewart and published by PM Press, a collection of interviews with those of us who were there. The panel is at 1:30, but if you can’t make that, we’re speaking again at 7 P.M. that evening, at the Variety Theater in the Hobart building, first floor, 528 Market Street in San Francisco. Here’s the link to the anarchist book fair:




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