Fear of Blogging Wishes You a Happy 2012!

And here’s our annual New Year’s card to prove it. It only took 49 tries to get this picture; Winston is very photogenic but not so cooperative.

San Francisco had a very nice new mayor, our first Chinese mayor. So far we’ve had a woman, a Black guy, and now a Chinese guy as mayor. Next, we need a Gay or Lesbian mayor, then it would truly be San Francisco. Here are Steve and I at the city hall open house with Mayor Ed Lee. The tree is called the Tree of Hope and is decorated in hand-folded cranes, also very San Francisco. 

Fear of Blogging is happy because the next graphic novel in my series, Chicagoland Detective Agency, is out. It’s called “The Night of Living Dogs,” and I can say no more, except that when I received my advance copies, I sat down and re-read it, and as always when I’m really happy with what I’ve written, I went, “Did I really write this? It’s great!” Of course, a lot of the credit goes to illustrator Tyler Page, who is doing a great job. Now it can be told that when I got Tyler as illustrator of the series, at first I hated him. Despite my descriptions and the reference I sent, it took him six months to understand that the main character, Megan Yamamura, needed to have bangs! But after that, Tyler very quickly “got it,” and I’ve seen some of his pencils on book #4 in the series, and they are his best yet. (Yes, there will be three more Chicagoland graphic novels, and I’ve started working on #5!)

Woohoo! “Lily Renee, Escape Artist,” has been getting good reviews everywhere, and the latest is in the New York Times. (OMG, the Times liked it!) Plus, the book received a gold medal in the Comic/Graphic Novel category from Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards — and it’s a real gold medal! Okay, not made of gold, but it’s a beautiful large and heavy metal medal, on a blue ribbon, even, so I can wear it!

What’s next? I’ll be at the Cartoon Art Museum ( 655 Mission Street in San Francisco) on January 26, from 7 – 9 P.M., to talk about and sign “Lily Renee, Escape Artist.” Here’s the link: :http://cartoonart.org/2011/12/lily-renee-escape-artist-from-holocaust-survivor-to-comic-book-pioneer/

This is the same PowerPoint show that I gave in New York, when I did talks with Lily herself, but because Lily won’t be here to add her wonderful comments, I’ve expanded the PowerPoint show and added many more pictures. You’ll like it and it’s free!


One response to “Fear of Blogging Wishes You a Happy 2012!

  1. Dear Trina,
    I wish you a fantastic New Year!! I am a blast from the past – my
    name was Carole DePace when we did the first “Women’s Comix”
    I would like to talk to you sometime again. I live in Los Angeles
    at the present time.

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