…and that’s not all! But let’s start with Sacramento:

On June 10th, I drove out to Sacramento along with the fabulous Grant Avenue Follies ladies (and one gentleman), Pat Chin, Cynthia Yee, Ivy Tam, and Chuck Gee. If you’ve read my book, “Forbidden City: the Golden Age of Chinese Nightclubs,” you know that these are the original entertainers from the later days of the clubs, and that not only are they still dancing, but they have recruited enough dancers to form a dance troupe, and that they are living legends. We had been invited by the Chinese American Council of Sacramento to be guests at their annual author dinner. What a great evening! We were made so welcome, the food was so delicious (Best Chinese food I’ve had outside of China), and the Grant Avenue Follies shone, as always.

 And here they are now, along with the lovely Ivy Tam doing her signature fan dance. 

After I read from and signed my books, the council presented me with a necklace of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones! The necklace was made by Joyce Eng, who just happens to be a jeweler, and who is also responsible for putting on the event and getting me there. I have done a lot of readings and signings, but nobody else ever gave me jewelry! Thank you, Joyce! And that’s Joyce in the picture, standing, along with Linda Ng, the Council treasurer, to my left. All these photos were taken by photographer Kingman Louie, who also happens to be vice president of the Chinese American Council .

By the way, when I got home I realized there was something else in the package — a pair of matching earrings! (And there I am in the photo, wearing the necklace.) 


Yes, after battling with my new hair for three years (Most of you know that I lost it all to chemotherapy in ‘09 and have been attempting to grow it back ever since) I decided to cut off all the bad hair and go white. Last May, at the Pagan Faire, I noticed that 90% of the women had curly red hair, so I decided curly red hair is OVER. White is the new red.

  Hey, the Honey West Commemorative issue, dedicated to the late Anne Francis and combining my first two Honey West comics, is out, and on Wednesday, July 3rd, I’ll be signing copies (Along with copies of my Miss Fury book, and Chicks in Capes, and whatever you bring for me to sign) at Illusive Comics and Games, 2725 El Camino Real, in Santa Clara. If you’re in the neighborhood, come on by and say hello. You can find out more at http://www.illusivecomics.com, or phone (408) 985-7481.

Speaking of Miss Fury, look what my editor, Dean Mullaney, sent me from a Paris comic book store: the Miss Fury book was pick of the week. Oh la la!

After that: comicon in San Diego, from July 20th through the 24th, America’s largest comic convention. I’ll be there, on a panel with IDW, talking about Miss Fury on Sunday, and on another panel talking about the late Bill Blackbeard, but I don’t know when. Look for me on the floor of the con, say hello.



  1. Valentino Fazzari

    Could you please drop me a line? I’m looking for Coby Yee.

    Thank you,
    Valentino Fazzari

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