My fortune cookie says, “You will travel and have exciting adventures,” and that sounds good to me! Spring is the start of convention season, and April and May will find me all over the map:

April 1st – 3rd is Wondercon, right here in San Francisco, my own backyard. Look for my table, come by and say hello. And while you’re saying hello, check out my new books:

Number 2 in my 3-book graphic novel series, The Chicagoland Detective Agency, is out, and this one is called “The Maltese Mummy.” It’s all about talking dogs, haiku-spouting girls, computer whiz boys, and — duh! — mummies. I’ll have copies at my table, and I think you’ll like them.

Also: what happens when twelve talented women (including yours truly) write original short stories in which they create their own superheroines? The result is “Chicks in Capes,” which will make its debut at Wondercon. I’m enjoying reading the entire book, and I’m very happy with my own contribution, “Innanna: Witchwoman,” which, she said modestly, is my idea of what Wonder Woman should be, but isn’t.

When something I’ve written comes out and I read it in print for the first time, if I’m really happy with it, my first reaction is always, Did I really write that? And then I go to the computer and check, and sonofagun, I did write it!

Back to Trina’s Springtime Travels:

On April 27th I’ll be in Pittsburgh, at Toonseum, where I’ve contributed some previously unpublished strips by Dale Messick to their exhibit, which consists of a year’s worth of Brenda Starr original strips. Dale, as you may know, was born Dalia, but when she found that editors, instead of accepting her strips, were asking her out to lunch, she opted to change her name to a sexually ambiguous Dale. I’ll be giving a slideshow and talk about Dale — and if you come, please come with questions, because I always have answers, and I love to talk. More info at Toonseum.org.May 7th will find me at the Pagan Festival in Berkeley — yes, I have other interests besides comics, and one of the is The Goddess! The Pagan Festival and parade is held every year at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park – 2151 Martin Luther King Jr.
Way, 94704, at Center Street Next to Farmers Market (And I love that Farmer’s Market — I always pick up a good lunch there). You’ll find me at the Author’s Circle with some of my books of pagan interest like “Eternally Bad: Goddesses with Attitude” and my kids’ book about the queen of California, “Califia“. (Betcha didn’t know that California was named after a beautiful amazon queen!)

Finally, on May 21st and 22nd, I’ll be in St. Paul, Minnesota, at SpringCon 2011, at the Grandstand on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. I’ll be giving a repeat of my Wondercon presentation, for those who didn’t see it on April 3rd (which is basically everyone who doesn’t live in California). There’s a great lineup of guests, including Silver Age cartoonist Elizabeth Berube, one of the last women to draw mainstream comics during the Great Women Cartoonist Mainstream Comics Drought that lasted from the 1960s until the 21st century. I’ve always loved her style and I’m dying to meet her! More info here: http://www.midwestcomicbook.com




  1. So eager to have you here, Trina (oh, and Steve too, of course)! We MUST do lunch if your schedule permits- I have a project I want to talk to you about, but will email on that.
    And LIZ BERUBE! Hot socks! You, Liz, Jessica Abel… looks like a very girfriendly con!

  2. And Roberta Gregory too! It’s VERY girl-friendly! Yes, we must duck out of the con one of the two days for a women in comics lunch.

  3. So did Brenda and Basil ever finally get together? And did Basil ever find a cure?


    • Hi Dave! Yes, Brenda and her Mystery Man married on a well publicized Sunday comics page, and they had a daughter. But then they split up — after all, what kind of adventure strip would it be if Brenda just became a happy homemaker? However, in the last strip, when Brenda leaves her job at the paper, a delivery boy brings her a black orchid!

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