…to the lovely Anne Francis, who left us on Sunday, January 2, 2011. You may remember Anne from the sci-fi classic film Forbidden Planet, but to me she was and will always be Honey West, the dashing and glamorous first woman private eye on television. It seems like once every few decades, an actress so personifies the part she plays that she IS that character. It happened in the 1950s, when Irish McCalla WAS Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, in 1970, when Lynda Carter personified Wonder Woman for a new feminist generation, and in 1965, when Anne Francis WAS Honey West. The TV series was based on a series of detective books by the husband and wife team, G.G. Fickling, but you can’t read the books without seeing Anne Francis with her blonde flip and her adorable beauty mark. In 2010 I was delighted to pay tribute to my hero by scripting a 2 part Honey West comic book published by Moonstone press and gorgeously illustrated by Cynthia Martin. Look for another 2 parter by me in the future.

And here’s a link to my writing on Anne Francis and Honey West: http://www.popeater.com/2011/01/04/anne-francis-honey-west/


…Since Fear of Blogging downloaded a blog, so here are some past pictures and some past news:

Hey, it was Christmas last month and here I am with Santa Claus at my neighborhood farmer’s market! My first photo ever with the bearded gent, because growing up Jewish, we didn’t have Christmas and we didn’t have Santa. I was the only kid in my very Catholic class who didn’t believe in him. That’s right, no tree, no presents. You can’t imagine how I envied the other kids!

We lived across the street from my primary school, on the second floor, so from certain school windows you could look into our front room, where we had a humongous potted orange tree that my father would bring down into the sunny backyard for the Summer and nearly kill himself lugging back up in the Fall. One day in November I pointed out our window to a classmate, and she saw the big green tree and said, “Oh, you have your Christmas tree up already!” How I longed to pretend it really WAS our Christmas tree, because then I would belong, I would be One Of Them! But honest me had to admit it was just our orange tree. So here I am with Santa, making up for my deprived childhood.


In November, the Hotel Whitcomb put up a permanent exhibit on their mezzanine floor featuring historic images of San Francisco’s grand theatrical and musical past. On the walls are vintage photos from the Fillmore jazz scene, the old movie palace, the Fox Theater, and — Forbidden City, the Golden Age of Chinese Nightclubs! The gala opening of the exhibit was November 5th, 2010, and it was a glittering occasion indeed, attended by superstar nightclub entertainers of the past like Mia Tai Sing, who came all the way from Hawaii, and Coby Yee, whose costumes were on display. In the sepia photo, to my left is the lovely Joanne Tan, who put the exhibit together. Thank you, Joanne! (To my right is her friend, whose name, alas, I didn’t get) In the color photo, that’s the aforementioned Coby Yee, Queen of the Forbidden City, in the center, next to retired nightclub dancer Arlene Dark, sister of Tony Wing, one of the greatest tap dancers of the 20th century, and my tap teacher in the 1980s. I guess you know who is the happy redhead on Coby’s right. The Hotel Whitcomb is one of San Francisco’s historic hotels, and after the Great Quake of 1906, it served as a temporary City hall, when the old City Hall lay in ruins.  And even if you missed the glittering gala opening of the exhibit, you can still see it on the hotel mezzanine at 1231 Market Street.


If you live in the Sacramento area, I’ll be guest at a convention there in March, and in April, look for me at San Francisco’s own Wondercon. And in May, Saint Paul, Minnesota! More on all those cons later.




  1. I hadn’t heard about Anne Francis’ passing. It doesn’t seem to have made the news here. How sad…she was always a favorite of mine and the missus/

  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, Dave! I hope you won’t be disappointed that I blog so rarely, but there’s a reason my blog name is Fear of Blogging. Every time I try to download a blog it seems that something goes wrong! This time around, WordPress wouldn’t accept my user name, and of course I had forgotten what it was! Too many passwords to remember, and they’re all on postits on the wall over my computer, so if the Russians really want to steal my secrets, all they have to do is look.

    • Word Press is a very difficult blog to blog with. It is not your fault. I used to have a word press blog. I was always dealing with all kind of bugs and problems. Now, I have a Tumblr blog, which works much better.

  3. I keep all the passwords in a little adress book… but then when i need one I find I can’t read my writing. I do enjoy the blog though… It’s an interesting peek into a whole different world, socialogically speaking.

  4. My Dear Trina,
    Congratulations on absolutely everything.
    Your blog is so satisfying and informative on many levels. You know me, the old Boshevik who loves it all, now the retired stockbroker living in a log home on a ridge in Kentucky. Thanks for all your news and your view of San Francisco, MsWuff.
    Enjoy it all, I am so pleased to see your photos, read your news and all the work you are doing.
    Kudos !

  5. joanna Meringoff

    Hello Trina
    Just began a research paper on ‘Wonder Woman et al’ and would love to chat with you about your perspective!
    Would you be willing to do this?
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Jo Meringoff (SUNY. RN to BScNursing program).

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