Fear of Blogging returns from Comicon

…Without an Eisner Award. But they keep saying that just to have been nominated is an honor, so I’ll dry my eyes and accept that. Anyway, there’s still the Harveys! I’ve been nominated for a Harvey Award for my book, “The Brinkley Girls,” so keep your fingers crossed for me.

But Comicon is about more than awards. For me, it was about seeing old friends who I get to see once a year, if that, like Carol Tyler (Check out her wonderful new graphic novel, just published by Fantagraphics!), and it’s about meeting friends whom you’ve “spoken to” via email but never met face-to-face, like Stephanie Buscema, whose adorable illustrations graced my Venus story in Marvel’s Girl Comics. It’s about finally meeting Lori Gentile, my beautiful editor for Moonstone Books. (and there we are!) Moonstone is quite amazing — for the small press that they are, they have published more women than most large comics publishers.

Coming out this month from Moonstone is the first of a 2-part Honey West comic book series scripted by yours truly and exquisitely illustrated by Cynthia Martin. At the mention of Honey West, some of you will have a lightbulb going off above your heads, but for the rest of you: Honey West was the first female private eye on televison, played by the ravishing Anne Francis in 1965 and 1966. Before even that, she was the heroine of a series of very pulpy, sorta hardboiled-noir-sexy (in a 1960s way — Honey never sleeps with anyone, but her clothes tend to get ripped a lot) paperback books. She was a kind of female Mike Hammer with the looks of Marilyn Monroe, and us early feminists (we didn’t even realize yet that we WERE feminists!) loved her. I couldn’t be happier actually writing a Honey West adventure, and Cynthia has done such a great job of illustrating my script that I almost can’t stand it! Future Honey West comics will be written by other writers including Elaine Lee, who has scripted some memorable comics for DC.

And that’s not all from Moonstone. This Autumn, look for Chicks in Capes, a collection of short stories by women (yes, including moi) starring superheroines created by the contributors. Enough of us attended Comicon for Lori to treat us all to a Chicks in Capes (and a Honey West) breakfast. That’s us: From left to right:

Back row: Maggie Thompson (CBG, who wrote the intro to Chicks in Capes), Barbara Randall Kesel (CIC writer), Karen O’Brien (CBG columnist, and co-editor on Chicks in Capes)

Front row: Lori Gentile (Editor,Moonstone), Cynthia Martin (HoneyWest artist), moi, Gillian Horvath (CIC writer), and Nicola Scott (CIC cover artist).

Where to next? Coming in September: Oxford. Yes, THAT Oxford! I’ve been invited to lecture at a seminar that has nothing to do with comics, except for my lecture. Read all about it here: http://www.lums.lancs.ac.uk/mmc/intergenerational-perspectives.htm.


4 responses to “Fear of Blogging returns from Comicon

  1. Hi Trina! As a young girl I had a Honey West doll instead of a Barbie. She came with a gold lame dress, leopard skin boots, and a Glock. I’m sure it had a lasting impact on me that I had an Action Heroine instead of a fashion plate. Bravo to my parents!

  2. Beth Davies-Stofka

    Oh, Trina, this is an off-topic comment to say that the photos posted here are wonderful. It’s great to see all the rocking women, and especially you. That hair! How I love that hair. Je t’adore!

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