Thursday, June 24th, 6:30 P.m., is when I give my Forbidden City presentation at the Asian Art Museum. It’s free with admission to the museum, and guess what? Thursday nights, museum admission is only $5! I’ll speak, the fantabulous Grant Avenue Follies will dance, and books will be sold and signed. If you haven’t yet seen the museum’s great Shanghai show, come early to take in the exhibit. This presentation is being given with the San Francisco Art Deco Society, so as they say: vintage attire admired, but not required. Naturally, since I jump at the chance to dress up, I’ll be wearing my champagne colored cheong sam.

Here’s what the Asian Art Museum has to say about the event:

And here’s what the Art Deco Society has to say:

I hope to see you there!



One response to “SAVE THE DAY!

  1. Dear Trina,
    I am trying to reach you to invite you to give a talk at Oxford. Can you please contact me?

    Linda Scott

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