…And here are some pictures to prove it. That strange alien creature is Bruce Beaudette, but I don’t know what he’s supposed to be. Steve looks a little alarmed at the possibility that the creature intends to abduct me to his UFO, where he will conduct painful experiments on me before leaving me off in the middle of the desert with a big hole in my memory.

And what’s a convention without a women’s comics lunch? At every con, I try to get away from the convention floor for a nice lunch with some intelligent, feminist women who work in the comics field. This time we lunched at the handy (across the street from the convention) Museum of Modern art, but the photo is of us after my panel (I spoke about shojo manga): Left to right, that’s Jennifer Stuller, who has written a great book about superheoines in comics and media, “Ink-stained Amazons,” yours truly, Jeanine Hall gailey, author of a unique book of verse, “Becoming the Villainess,” poems about the heroines of comics, fairytales, and myths; and Candace West. I don’t know what Candace does, but we met her at the panel, and she’s a cool person and was game enough to take a photo with us. Hi, Candace!


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