Fear of Blogging Goes to Japan

If you can’t read that poster, don’t worry, neither can I, but it announces that I’ll be presenting a lecture in Fukuoka on December 13th before going on to Kyoto for a conference at the Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center: “Comics Worlds and the World of Comics: Scholarship on a Global Scale,” and to an exhibit at the Kyoto Manga Museum which I’m co-curating. The exhibit is of course my extensive collection of original comic art by women cartoonists. The conference will take place on December 17 – December 20th, and here’s the link:


And if you should find yourself in Japan (or if you live there), come on by and say conichi wa!

Other news: My book, “Forbidden City, the Golden Age of Chinese Nightclubs,” is out! You can find it on Amazon.com, and so far, here’s my 2010 reading and signing schedule:

February 11, with the San Francisco Historical Society, at the Old Mint

April 10, at the main library

June 24, with the San Francisco Art Deco Society, at the Asian Art Museum

And that’s not all! The wondrous dance troup, the Grant Avenue Follies, consisting of women who danced in the clubs back in the day, and who still have the same talent and great legs they had then, will be performing. As many of the entertainers interviewed in the book as can make it will be there, too.

More when it’s closer to the time!

Yet more other news: I went to APE in October, and signed copies of my collected California Girls anthology along with publishing Mogul and truly sweet guy Brian Anderson, and there we are in the picture up top.

Off to Japan now; Sayonara! And I’ll write all about it when I get home!




One response to “Fear of Blogging Goes to Japan

  1. Hello!! I have seen your work through my collection – promo posters – for years…always hoping to catch you if you were going to be at a Boston, MA comicon. No luck so far. Do you plan on making this way soon? Please email me back – THX!!

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