The Unsinkable Fear of Blogging

Larry Todd, Dan O'Neill, me 2

I’m back! I have no idea what happened to my original blog, but one day it simply disappeared. But now we’re back up with a new server and life is good again.

To catch up: Here’s a photo from that great underground comicx show here in San Francisco. The opening was like some kind of reunion, with cartoonists I haven’t seen for years, including the guys in the photo with me, Larry Todd and Dan O’Neill.

Me and Thomas Gladysz 1

And the next day found me signing copies of my Nell Brinkley book (and dressed, as close as I could manage it, like a Nell Brinkley flapper) at the Silent Film Festival at San Francisco’s own Castro theater. If you’ve never been to the Castro theater, it’s a must for any San Francisco visit; a completely restored grand palace, originally built in 1925, and a perfect place to see silent films, complete with live organ accompaniment. That’s Thomas Gladysz in the photo with me — Thomas runs the speaker series at The Booksmith, an independent bookstore in the Haight-Ashbury, arranging author readings, booksignings, and other events. He’s also a writer and journalist, and director of the Louise Brooks Society. If you’re not familiar with Luoise Brooks, the beautiful and elegant silent film star, look for the Louise Brooks Society on the internet.

What’s coming up? In two days I’m off to San Diego for Comicon, the biggest comic and pop culture convention in the USA. If you’ll be there, too, look for me: on Thursday, July 23, I’ll be presenting my Powerpoint talk on Nell Brinkley (in case you missed the one I did at the Cartoon Art Museum), and I’ll be signing my Brinkley book at the Fantagraphics table on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. On Friday, July 24th, I’ll be on an underground comix panel at 4:30.

During the month of August, I’ll be vegging out and preparing for September 26 and 27, when I’ll be teaching a workshop on writing comics and graphic novels at the Oregon Writers Colony workshop:

More on that later. Glad (and relieved) to be back!


7 responses to “The Unsinkable Fear of Blogging

  1. one two three.

  2. Hi Trina,

    I enjoyed your comments on your website about this year’s San Diego convention. Never got there but did appear in the Bay Con III program book (1977) edited by Carl Gafford with my article on Basil Wolverton, You were profiled in that issue too, along with Lee Marrs.
    – Ed

  3. So glad you’re back!

  4. Hey Trina,
    Glad to see your blog is back… I wondered what happened.
    If you ever get back East stop by…


  5. Hey Trina,
    Glad to see your blog is back… I wondered what happened.
    If you ever get back East stop by…


    What does it mean “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” ?

  6. Now I’m really confused.

  7. Okay, Never mind.

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